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* [[The Quest for Tanelorn]] - Remembered by [[Dorian Hawkmoon]] when he was part of the [[Four Who Are One]]
* [[The Quest for Tanelorn]] - Remembered by [[Dorian Hawkmoon]] when he was part of the [[Four Who Are One]]
* [[The Eternal Champion (novel)]] in [[Erekosë]]'s dream in Chapter Eleven - added to the Millennium/White wolf omnibus version as '''Carnelian'''
* [[The Eternal Champion (novel)]] in [[Erekosë]]'s dream in Chapter Eleven - added to the Millennium/White wolf omnibus version as '''Carnelian'''
* [[Angst... ou Ennui?]] by Keith Bowden

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An Incarnation of the Eternal Champion. A denizen of the End of Time. Son of the Iron Orchid and one of the very few people at the End of Time who was actually born. Having a fascination with the 19th century he was very much taken with the appearance of Mrs Amelia Underwood at the Duke of Queens' party. At the suggestion of Lord Jagged he decided he would fall in love with her and courted her non-stop despite her resistance. He recreated Lake Thirlmere for her. When she disappeared, after their first kiss, from right under his very nose he realised My Lady Charlotina had taken her revenge on him for having stolen Yusharisp the alien from her managerie. Discovering she had been returned to her native time he followed her back to the 19th century using a time machine. Very much an innocent abroad he is befriended by Snoozer Vine but ends up convicted for a murder Vine had committed. After his conviction he became known in London as The Mayfair Killer. Visited by Mrs Underwood in prison, who tells Jherek she loves him, he happily goes to the gallows without the slightest idea or care of what will happen to him.

He wakes up at the End of Time and discovers that Mrs Underwood has not followed. He misses her desperately but attempts to enjoy his life at the End of time as he did before.

After Jherek's first travels through time there was a craze for building Dawn Age cities. The following cities were built

  • London, 1896 - Created by Jherek Carnelian
  • New York, 1930 - Created by the Duke of Queens, it included the Empire State Apartments which were believed to have originally been built for Kong the Mighty, Greenwich - A village of thatched cottages, a kind of museum frequented by sailors and Cutty Sark - A ship in a gigantic bottle moored in the harbour.
  • Canceropolis, 2215 - A creation of Gaf the Horse in Tears
  • Edible Birmingham, Undated - A creation of Argonheart Po. 'Delicious' according to Jherek Carnelian
  • Rome, 1946 - A creation of My Lady Charlotina
  • Tokyo, 1901 - Built by the Earl of Carbolic

While engaged in a hunt that the Duke of Queens has arranged, he falls down a chute into an underground installation which he discovers is a Nursery run by a robot Nurse. The nursery recycles time and has been concealed for a very long time, the children being kept at the same age all the while. After the Lat find the Nursery, Jherek convinces Nurse to send him back in time to find Mrs Underwood again. He eventually makes it to Bromley and after many escapades makes his way to the Café Royale with Mrs Underwood and is joined by other denizens of the End of Time. The resulting anomolies cause the Morphail Effect to return the others to their own time and Jherek and Mrs Underwood are sent back by Lord Jagged, who has been living in disguise in the 19th century. The disruptions to the Megaflow, however, cause the pair to be deposited in the Lower Palaeozoic, without their time machine.

They are discovered by the Guild of Temporal Adventurers, however, and sent back to the End of Time. Not long after they return, all creations are turned back into the dust they were created from and only those who chanced to be in an old city are spared. It is learned that this part of Lord Jagged's plans to save the End of Time by creating a loop which will be sustained forever, leaving the Dancers to carry on as they are accustomed. Following the general resurrection of the other denizens of the End of Time, Jherek learns that Lord Jagged is his father and that it was his plan for him to meet Amelia Underwood. Before the closing of the time loop, Jherek and Mrs Underwood choose to leave to start a new life in the Silurian (or possibly Lower Devonian.

Hi-Rise - Jherek Carnelian's dwelling before he became obsessed with the 19th Century.

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