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Baron Kalan of Vitall
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Baron of Vitall. Huon's chief scientist. Grand Constable of the Order of the Snake. Sided with Meliadus in his rebellion against Huon, supplying him with weapons and re-awakening the Black Jewel in Dorian Hawkmoon's forehead, which he had originally implanted. Believed to have committed suicide following the Battle of Londra after removing the Black Jewel from Hawkmoon at Flana's behest.

Five years after the Battle of Londra, he revealed he had not taken his own life, by taking Count Brass, Bowgentle, Oladahn and D'Averc from points in their pasts where their lives were threatened and attempting to persuade them to kill Hawkmoon. After Hawkmoon and Count Brass followed Kalan and thwarted his plans the Time Wind blew. As a resulting of this the Baron was transported to Garathorm along with the army which Ymryl took control of. He worked for Ymryl, who considerd him a sorceror, and was responsible for building the machine which forced the soul from Ilian. He was killed in the final battle between the Garathormians and Ymryl's men. He believed he could only be killed by Hawkmoon and was much surprised to be slain by Ilian, not knowing what Katinka van Bak and Jhary-a-Conel had done in housing Hawkmoon's soul in Ilian's body.

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