Kings and Emperors of Melniboné

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Kings of the Mernii

  • King Varnik - King who uses the Black Sword to re-unite the Ph'oorn and the Mernii
  • Queen Shyrix'x IX - Reign usurped for a period by ‘Wild Dog’
  • Wild Dog’ - Usurper who aided the Falkryn invasion. Held throne for less than two years.
  • King Feneric
  • Ederic - Usurper brother of Feneric. May never have been crowned.
  • King Silverskin - Son, and presumably, successor to Feneric.
  • Queen Asrid Silverskin and co-ruler with brother Elrik.
  • King Elrik Silverskin and co-ruler with sister Asrid.
  • ‘Black Armour’ Usurper - The dream spirit of Yyrkoon possessing Queen Asrid.

Emperors of Melniboné

  • Elrik - 1st Emperor
  • Rondar IV - 12th Emperor. ’Black-ringletted’.
  • Elric I - 80th Emperor - mentioned in Stormbringer - Doomed Lord's Passing.
  • Kahan VII - 329th Emperor. ’horror burdened.’ - mentioned in Stormbringer - Doomed Lord's Passing.
  • Iuntric X - Presumably died 8406AF - mentioned in Stormbringer - Doomed Lord's Passing.
  • Terhali - ‘The Green Empress’ Reigned 8406AF to 9011AF. ‘Her longevity and green-tinged skin and hair marked her out, she was a powerful sorceress even by Melnibonéan standards. She was also reputedly the daughter of a union between Iuntric X and a daemon.’ Her patron is Xiombarg.
  • Gadric XIII - Emperor. ‘Moody son of Terhali’. Has green pupiless eyes. Honours several Gods of Chaos, especially Arioch. His powers recorded include summoning Balan.
  • Sadric LXXXVI - 427th Emperor
  • Elric VIII - 428th Emperor
  • Yyrkoon - Regent and Usurper of his cousin, Elric’s, throne.