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Former Companion to Gaynor.

In The War Hound and the World's Pain a soldier priest, witch-hunter, and self-styled Knight of Christ. Tall, thin with hard eyes. Habitually dresses in black with a purple plume in his wide-brimmed hat. A servant of Arioch who led the forces in the rebellion against Lucifer and the attempt to thwart Ulrich von Bek in his quest.

First encountered von Bek in the Black Friar inn, where he was hoping to enlist Sedenko in the killing of Jews in Teufenberg, a task Klosterheim had to do himself. Shortly after, he left Sedenko in the company of von Bek, eventually meeting up with them in another part of the Mittelmarch in the company of twenty of Arioch's knights, although they managed to escape him. Klosterheim and the knights again caught up with von Bek and Sedenko in the city of Bakinax, when Philander Groot appeared and, freeing the demon held captive there, helped them escape while the demon fought Klosterheim's men.

Died after pursuing von Bek to the Forest at the Edge of Heaven when Arioch reclaimed his soul, after Von Bek gained possession of the Holy Grail.

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Mike Says

The coming of Hitler and Co was a big shot in the arm for Klosterheim (who borrows his name from a romance by de Quincy as I recall) who was, indeed, reinvigorated, having given up hope gradually from the Enlightenment (2nd von Bek book) into the early part of the 20th century when everything seemed to be going so well for his opponents and Satan's power-base seemed shrunken, at least in Europe. Happily for him, history started to go his way again as we crawled out of the mud of the trenches into the hands of the Bolsheviks and the Fascists and the others who believed society was some sort of machine you could adjust to your own tastes with a few acts of mass murder. Klosterheim doesn't need to appear much in that period since we have Pyat to look at it for us. K now tends to turn up in abortive schemes to restore the power of his clients and allies, a la Le Flaneur. Oh, and Jerry Cornelius has become the more ambivalent character who can check out Cambodia, Burma and Darfur for us. Warlords are no easier to combat that dictators, it seems.[1]