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One of the Lost Gods. Brother to Rhynn. His right hand was grafted to Corum Jhaelen Irsei by Shool. When Corum returned Kwll's hand to the god, he and his brother destroyed both the Lords of Chaos and the Lords of Law.

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Connection to Horatio Quelch

'Kwll'. 'Quelch'. Could there be a connection between these two beyond the first/only syllable of their names? Well, in The War Amongst the Angels, Quelch is described[1] as "holding the Fellini Chalice in his six-figured hand"; the hand of Kwll that was grafted on to Corum had six fingers. Coincidence? (And if Quelch is Kwell does that make his twin Maurice Rhynn?)

Mike Says

"I won't go into details re. those two gods because it would amount to being a spoiler for those who haven't read them, but yes those two gods were, as I recall, not influenced by the Cosmic Balance. Could be because they are a manifestation of the CB."[2]