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A humanoid species from somewhere in space. Small, bipedal, with pearshaped heads, an eye containing three pupils, large elephantine ears, a bulbous nose and very lecherous.

They are Brigand-Musicians led by Captain Mubbers, carrying instruments with which they play wonderful music but that are also terribly destructive weapons. Discovered by the Duke of Queens when he was leading a hunt, after going on the rampage they ended up falling into the Nursery where Nurse soon got them to behave. Turned up at the Café Royale in 19th century London where Inspector Springer (who refers to them as Latvians) was sent to arrest them along with Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Amelia Underwood, the Iron Orchid, the Duke of Queens, My Lady Charlotina, and Bishop Castle.

The Morphail Effect deposited them in the Silurian (or possibly Lower Devonian), where they met up again with Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Underwood and Inspector Springer, before being returned to the End of Time, but not before some of them had been eaten by the voracious sea-life of that early time period. The remaining Lat eventually married Mistress Christia, the Everlasting Concubine.

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