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Realm of nothingness, place outside of normal space and time, often passed through when travelling between the planes.

John Daker found himself here during his dreams, before he materialised in King Rigenos world. Encountered by Corum Jhaelen Irsei while fleeing Glandyth-a-Krae. Urlik travels through this on his way to become Clen of Clen Gar. The Dark Ship travels through it, blown by the Time Wind. Where Renark and Asquiol were left by the Dwellers in the Abyss until the time was right for them to meet the Originators.

Also described as The Middlemarch, The Land Between the Worlds, The Moonbeam Roads and the Roads between the Worlds. The Moonbeam Roads are described in Moonbeams and Roses as 'given substance by our dreams and aspirations.'

See also Grey Fees, Dream Realms, Megaflow, Shift and Flux.

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