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This is a list of dedications in books by Michael Moorcock.

The Stealer of Souls

“For my Mother”



The Deep Fix

“For William Burroughs, for obvious reasons”

The Twilight Man

“For my daughters”

The Jewel in the Skull

“For Robert Silverberg,
for all kinds of friendship”

The Final Programme (US edition)

“For Jim Colvin and others without whose help it could not
have been written; and

To Jimmy Ballard, Bil Burroughs, and the Beatles, who are
pointing the way through.”

The Final Programme (UK edition)

“For George Ernsberger”

The Traps of Time

“In memory of Mary Ballard”

The Mad God's Amulet

“For Jim Cawthorn,
for his inspiration and his

The Sword of the Dawn

“For Ed
and Leigh Brackett Hamilton”

The Runestaff

“To Jim Cawthorn, who helped create these”

The Secret of the Runestaff

“To Jim Cawthorn, who helped
create these books”

Behold the Man

“For Tom Disch”

The Winds of Limbo

“For Judy Merril”

The Black Corridor (UK edition)

“For Hilary –
who did more than help”

The Black Corridor (US edition)

“For Hilary, without whom...”

The Chinese Agent

For Peter Taylor and Jack Trevor Story –
a small return for a great deal of laughter
over a good many years”

The Ice Schooner

“For Keith Roberts –
master steersman”

The Time Dweller

“For Maeve, Claire, Sebastian and Fabian Peake
and in love and admiration for Mervyn Peake,
who died 17th November 1968, a generous
man in an ungenerous world.”

The Blood Red Game

“For Barry Bayley”

The Singing Citadel

“For Doug and Gala Hill”

The Eternal Champion

“For Mike Harrison – an entertainment”

Phoenix in Obsidian

“For Doug and Gaila Hill”

The Shores of Death

“For Harry Harrison”

City of the Beast

“Dedicated to the memories of Edgar Rice
Burroughs and H.G. Wells, with thanks and
with admiration.”

The Nature of the Catastrophe

“For Borges”

A Cure For Cancer

“For Langdon Jones”

The Rituals of Infinity

“For Jimmy Ballard”

The Knight of the Swords

“This book is for Wendy Fletcher”

The Queen of the Swords

“This book is for Diane Boardman”

The King of the Swords

“This book is for Renata”

The Warlord of the Air


The Sleeping Sorceress

“For Ken Bulmer”

Breakfast in the Ruins

“For Angus Wilson with great respect”

Lord of the Spiders

“For Henry Morrison and Robert Silverberg”

Masters of the Pit

“For Mr. Chip Delany of San Francisco and
Sister Mary Eugene of Bon Secours Convent,
Derby, Pennsylvania

...the sickness is Fear and the remedy is Faith…

The English Assassin

“For Arthur and Max Moorcock

Dedicated to the memories of Peregrine Worsthorne, Malcolm Muggeridge, Dennis Hopper, Shirley Temple, George Steiner, Angus Maude, Robert Conquest, Bernard Braden, Spiro Agnew, Christiaan Barnard, Norman St John Stevas, Colin Wilson, Lord Longford, Rap Brown, John Wayne, Jerry Rubin, Chris Booker, Robert Heinlein, Sam Peckinpah, Miroslav Moc, Kingsley Amis, Sir Arthur Bryant, Richard Neville and all men of good will and Jolly Englishmen everywhere.”

An Alien Heat

“For Nik Turner, Dave Brock, Bob Calvert,
DikMik, Del Dettmar, Terry Ollis, Simon King and
Lemmy of Hawkwind.”

Elric of Melniboné

“To Poul Anderson for The Broken Sword and Three
Hearts and Three Lions
. To the later Fletcher Pratt for
The Well of the Unicorn. To the late Berthold Brecht
for The Threepenny Novel which, for obscure reasons, I
link with the other books as being one of the chief
influences on the first Elric stories.”

The Bull and the Spear

“For Marianne”

The Oak and the Ram

“For Jarmila”

The Jade Man's Eyes

“For Philippe Druillet with respect.”

Count Brass

“This book is for Bill Butler
and Harrods of Knightsbridge for
entirely opposite reasons.”

The Champion of Garathorm

“For Trux”

The Silver Warriors

“For Doug and Gaila Hill”

The Sword and the Stallion

“For Judith”

The Hollow Lands

“For Mike Harrison and Diane Boardman”

The Land Leviathan

“Dedicated to Emma
(and also for Bertie)

The Quest for Tanelorn

“For Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia et al...
…and for the many readers who wrote
and asked for this particular book and to
whom I shall be, of course, eternally grateful.”

The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius

“This book is dedicated to the memory of
Mal Dean, painter, illustrator and musician,
who died of cancer on Sunday, 24 February 1974, aged 32.”

Moorcock's Book of Martyrs

“This book is dedicated to the memories of John the Bog, Smiling Mike and Mongezi Feza”

The Adventures Of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century

Miss C. Malone,

The End of All Songs

“For John Clute
– and Tom Disch”

Legends from the End of Time

“To the memory of George Meredith,
who taught me, at least,
a technique”

The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (US edition)

“For Bill Butler, Mike
and Tony, and all at
Unicorn Books, Wales.”

The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (UK edition)

“For Ben Biber and Bill Butler”

The Condition of Muzak

“This book is dedicated with gratitude to the following
people who, at different times, encouraged me through
the eleven years this Tetralogy took to complete:
Clive Allison, Hilary Bailey, Jimmy Ballard, Edward
Blishen, Alan Brien, John Clute, Barry Cole, Mal
Dean, Michael Dempsey, Tom Disch, George Erns-
berger, Giles Gordon, Mike Harrison, Doug Hill,
Langdon Jones, Richard Glyn Jones, Philip Oakes,
Keith Roberts, Jim Sallis, Norman Spinrod, Jack
Trevor Story, Jon Trux, Angus Wilson.”

The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming

“A little something for Alfie Bester”

The Weird of the White Wolf

“To the memory of Ted Carnell, editor of New Worlds and
Science Fantasy, who published all the early Elric stories and
at whose suggestion I first began to write the series. A kind
and generous man who gave me much encouragement in my
early years and without whom these stories would never have
been written.”

The Vanishing Tower

“For Ken Bulmer, who, as editor of the magazine Sword
and Sorcery
, asked me to write this book as a serial for
him. The magazine, which was to be a companion to
Visions of Tomorrow, never appeared due to the
backer withdrawing his support from both magazines.”

The Bane of the Black Sword

“To the memory of Han Stefan Santesson, an editor of great
patience and kindness who, with L. Sprague de Camp,
encouraged me in the late 1950s to write heroic fantasy. His
magazine, Fantastic Universe, ceased publication before I
could contribute, much to my regret, for it was, in my opinion,
one of the best fantasy magazines ever produced.”

Stormbringer (Revised edition)

“For J.G. Ballard, whose enthusiasm for Elric gave me the
encouragement to begin this particular book, my first attempt
at a full length novel, and for Jim Cawthorn, who illu-
strations based on my ideas in turn gave me inspiration for
certain scenes in this book, and for Dave Britton, who kept the
magazines in which this serial first appeared and who kindly
loaned them to me so that I could restore this novel to its
original shape and strength.”

Gloriana or The Unfulfill’d Queen

“Dedicated to the memory of
Mervyn Peake”

The Eternal Champion (Revised edition)

“This book is dedicated to the memory of
Douglas Fairbanks, the greatest hero of them all”

The Golden Barge

“For Dave Gregory
Pete Williams
and Frank Redpath

This is for old time's sake, with thanks.”

The Final Programme(Revised edition)

“For Alfred Bester”

My Experiences in the Third World War

“For Harlan Ellison, who offered me his cave.”

The Russian Intelligence

“My special thanks to Graham Hall
who helped in the revision from the original (1966)
version of this story.”

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

“For me, Nestor Makhno is the spirit of romantic, active anarchism, and although he might have been a trifle naive in some of his hopes, I have a considerable soft spot for him. He, too, died young, of consumption, in poverty and some despair, in Paris in 1936. This book is as much dedicated to his memory as it is to the memory of Sid Vicious and all those others who have, in one way or another, been destroyed by their own simple dreams.”

Elric at the End of Time

“For Lemmy.
For Pete Green, wherever you are
now. For Alex Green, much lamented.
And for all those other old farts
of musicians who, as Martin Stone
reports, nowadays jump out of the
bus and head for the nearest second-hand

The Steel Tsar

“To my creditors, who remain a
permanent source of inspiration.”

The War Hound and the World's Pain

“For Doctor A.C. Papadakis, Valerie, Amanda, Charles Pratt and all those others who, with Jill, helped create the circumstances that led to the writing of this book.”

The Entropy Tango

“For Pete Pavli
(who did most of the music)”

Byzantium Endures

“Dedicated to the memory of Babel and Mandelstam.
For Ernst, a father, and for Josef, a brother.


New Worlds: An Anthology

“Dedicated to all those enthusiasts, readers, writers, editors and publishers, who kept New Worlds alive over the years, and especially to E.J. ‘Ted’ Carnell whose good sense and kindness is remembered by everyone who worked with him.”

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse

“For Angela Carter – one of the great, generous
hearts of our age – with respect and love”

The Laughter of Carthage

“To the memory of Malcolm X and a time when we seemed to be doing our best a little better than we’re doing it now.

For Michael Dempsey, Alexis Korner, Mongasi Feza”

The Opium General and other stories

“To all women at war”

The City in the Autumn Stars

“For David Hartwell
with respect and affection”

The Dragon in the Sword

“For Minerva,
the noblest Roman”

Letters from Hollywood

“To the memory of Graham Hall,
who was my excuse for going,
And to Jimmy Ballard,
who asked me to write once
I’d arrived.”

Wizardry and Wild Romance

“For Jim Cawthorn
who introduced me to so many good
writers and whose illustrations over
the past thirty years have given me
so much pleasure and inspiration...

And for Brian Tawn and Pete Knifton
and other discriminating readers of
fantastic fiction for whom this book
will provide few revelations and a
fair amount for them to disagree with.
And to the memory of
Bill Butler, who died in
his sleep, aged 43, 20th
October, 1977.”

Mother London

“This book is dedicated to the memory of my
friend Pete Taylor and is also for Brian
Alford wherever he may be.”

The Fortress of the Pearl

“To Dave Tate”


“For Rabia, Sedik, Mohammed, Moustafa
and all our friends in
North Africa”

The Revenge of the Rose

“For Christopher Lee –
Arioch awaits thee!

For Johnny and Edgar Winter –
rock on!

For Anthony Skene –
in gratitude.”

Death Is No Obstacle

“To Jack Trevor Story,
Henry Treece and Angus Wilson
– professionals all”

Jerusalem Commands

“To the memory of Arnold Schoenberg who, on July 30th 1933, ten days after the formal signing of the Concordat between Hitler and Pope Pius XI, reconverted to the Jewish faith.


The Sundered Worlds (1992)

"I have dedicated other, perhaps better, books to Leigh and Ed, who became good friends, so I dedicate this one (which was originally dedicated to Barrington J. Bayley, who remains our greatest living writer of metaphysical 'hard' sf since Olaf Stapledon) to John Clute."


“To the memory of Angela Carter,
a generous heart, a brilliant mind and a great talent...
And for Mark and Alex[1], good friends”

Fabulous Harbours

Ackroyd & Sinclair,
Master Brewers”

Lunching with the Antichrist

“For Linda”

The War Amongst the Angels

“This book is dedicated to the memories of Harrison Ainsworth, who celebrated the English highwayman in Rookwood, Captain Marryat, author of Jephet in Search of a Father, one of the best comic picaresques of the early nineteenth century, George Meredith, author of The Amazing Marriage, perhaps our finest moral novel in English, and Gerald Kersh, author of Fowler’s End and many other outstanding novels of London’s low-life. All the books mentioned are no longer published.

In particular, this book is for
Jennifer Brehl and for Faren Miller.
Special thanks to Caroline Oakley and,
as always, Linda Moorcock.”

Tales from the Texas Woods

“For all my Texas pards –

Rick, Ben, Joe,
Bruce, Mary, Charlie,
John, Jan, Neill, Lyn, Davis,
my friends at the Opera House,
the boys down at the Oyster Bar

– and to the memory of
my friend Leigh Brackett,
who added so substantially
to the authentic romance of the West.

King of the City

“For my grandson, Alexander, a fable”


“For Chris Roberts and his Famous Chaos Engineers at Digital Anvil, without whose powers of creativity (and persuasion) the world of Silverheart would never exist.”

London Bone

“For my mother,
in loving memory”

The Dreamthief's Daughter

“For my god-daughter, Oona von B
And for Berry and Co.”

The Skrayling Tree

“For Jewell Hodges and them Gibsons
with great respect

Thanks, too, as always to Linda Steele for her
good taste and patience”

The White Wolf's Son

“In memory of
Jerico Radoc:
a genorous spirit
who died too young

and for Alan Wall
and all the regulars down
at MWM, with thanks.”

The Vengeance of Rome

“To the memory of John Blackwell”

The Metatemporal Detective


Elric: The Stealer of Souls

“To the memory of E.J. Carnell,
who originally asked for these stories,
and for Betsy Mitchell and John Davey,
who created this edition”

Elric: To Rescue Tanelorn

"Sophie, Kate, and Max Moorcock"

Elric: The Sleeping Sorceress

"If there's a Valhalla, where you'll find old editors
who died in harness, I hope Ted Carnell, Larry Shaw,
Don Wollheim, Michael Dempsey and John Blackwell
are having a good time there. They are a few of the
great editors who have helped me in my career."

Elric: Duke Elric

"To my oldest collaborator,
Jim Cawthorn"

The Best of Michael Moorcock

"In memory of
Barry Bayley and Tom Disch"

Elric: In the Dream Realms

"To Alex, Tom and Bobby---
my grandsons"

Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles

"For all the Chabons"

Sojan the Swordsman

"This book is dedicated to Jim Cawthorn, who remained a mentor and an inspiration."

The Sunday Books

<no dedication>

Elric: Swords and Roses

"In Memoriam
Jim Cawthorn
December 21, 1929-December 2, 2008"

Modem Times 2.0

<no dedication>

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  1. 'Alex' is mistakenly credited as 'Alice' in all UK editions of Blood published by Orion/Millennium