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Capital of Albion and the British Empire. Home to Jerry Cornelius and the Chronic Outlaw.

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Areas of Interest

An Alien Heat & The Hollow Lands


  • Jones's Kitchen - Eating and lodging house used by Snoozer Vine. Also known as the Devil's Arsehole.
  • Whitechapel - Area in London to which Jherek Carnelian travelled in the time machine Brannart Morphail lent to him.
  • Charley's Coffee Stall - Late night refreshment van in Whitechapel. Snoozer Vine took Jherek Carnelian to it he was knocked down by the Hansom cab.
  • Imperial Hotel - High class hotel that Snoozer Vine took Jherek Carnelian to with the express purpose of robbing its guests while they slept.
  • Old Bailey - Where Jherek Carnelian was tried for murder.
  • Bloomsbury Square - Frank Harris had rooms there and hid Jherek Carnelian and Mrs Underwood in them after they came to London from Bromley. It was here that they first met Inspector Springer, using the Deceptor Gun to escape him.
  • Café Royale - A restaurant and meeting place in Piccadilly. Where Jherek Carnelian first met Frank Harris and H. G. Wells. Visited by the Iron Orchid, the Duke of Queens, My Lady Charlotina, Bishop Castle, Brannart Morphail and the Lat, most of whom were arrested by Inspector Springer.
  • Scotland Yard - The headquarters of the Metropolitan Police. Inspector Springer operates from here.

A Dead Singer


  • The Mountain Grill. Where Mo goes to meet a drug dealer named Dave after Mo and Jimi return to Ladbroke Grove.
  • Lancaster Road in London, UK. Street where the apartment home of Dave and his girlfriend Jenny is located.
  • Oxford Gardens in London, UK. Where Mo O.D.s and where the resurrected Jimi is first sighted by a character other than Mo.

Behold the Man (novella) and Behold the Man (novel)


  • Streatham. A neighborhood in South London in which Karl lives with Greta Glogauer, his mother during his teenage years.
  • Great Russell Street, in London, UK. The street upon which is located the store Karl purchases following his father’s death, the Occult Bookshop (the store is sited opposite the British Museum). In the novel the store is bequeathed to Karl by his father and is the Mandala Bookshop.
  • Holland Park, in London, UK. Near the homes of both Karl and Monica at the beginning of their relationship.

The Winds of Limbo


  • Mayfair - A run-down district of London completely owned by Ronald Lowry, François Blas had his headquarters here
  • South Audley Street - Street in Mayfair where the Sons of the Fireclown held a meeting in a basement
  • Dorchester Hotel - Hotel in Mayfair where François Blas keeps an apartment



  • Harley Street. The location of Doctor Schmeling’s surgery
  • Belgrave Square. The neighborhood location of Mrs. Thornton’s townhouse, where Schmeling is introduced to Nicholas Davenport.
  • Greenwich. Location of Greenwich Special Research Institute.

The Warlord of the Air


  • Victoria Station - Monorail terminus that was Oswald Bastable entry point into London
  • Limehouse - Site of a small military airpark in London
  • Burlington Arcade - London street in which the Royal Aeronautical Club, a Gentlemen's club to which all Air Servicemen belong, is located

The Chinese Agent and The Russian Intelligence


  • Derry and Toms - Rooftop garden in Kensington where Arnold Hodgkiss had tea before going to the Tower of London
  • Mount Royal Hotel - Hotel off Oxford Street where Arnold Hodgkiss stayed while in London
  • National Insurance - Insurance company used as a front for the British Intelligence organisation Jerry Cornell belongs to. Ronald Fry is its managing director and Shirley Withers its receptionist. It has its offices in Rash Court, near the Monument tube station
  • Portobello Road - Site of a large open-air market where Arnold Hodgkiss tried to steal a brooch and came a cropper
  • St George's - Hospital where Arnold Hodgkiss was taken after his accident
  • Latimer Road - Where Bill Tillet has his totter's yard
  • Holland Park Avenue - Where Lilli von Bern lives
  • Pembridge Villas - Where Jerry Cornell has a flat
  • Notting Hill - Area where Jerry Cornell grew up and where most of his extended family still live
  • Chelsea - Where Polly Snapgirdle lives

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