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Capital city of the Empire of Granbretan. Alternate London. An interconnected place of buildings joined by tunnels, corridors and bridges. Dorian Hawkmoon and Count Brass visited a debased version in another dimension which Kalan was using as his hideout.

Within the city is a palace - a massive building housing King-Emperor Huon and his court. it is unconnected to the rest of the labrynthine city and is heavily fortified.

Within the palace is a throne room where audiences are held with King-Emperor Huon who dwells within a Throne-globe which is filled with a milky-white fluid.

The River Tayme or Thayme flows through the city.

Quarter of the Unmasked - Where the poor and disgraced live their lives without the protection of membership in any Orders.

Temple of the Wolf - Headquarters of Meliadus' Order.

Quay Savoy - Headquarters of the Secret Services. (The White Wolf's Son)

Blare-Bragg-Bellow station - train terminal. (The White Wolf's Son)

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