Lord Jagged of Canaria

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A denizen of the End of Time. Conceived the idea that Jherek Carnelian should fall in love and aided in him in his pursuit of Mrs Amelia Underwood. One of the more mysterious and scheming members of the society at the End of Time, he failed to deny, when Jherek accused him, that he was responsible for Mrs Underwood's appearance or that he was also Lord Chief Justice Jagger in the 19th century.

After Jherek's second visit to the 19th century, he saw someone called Jackson, a contributor to the Saturday Review, who also closely resembled Jagged. Following the subsequent visit from the End of Time to the Café Royale by the Iron Orchid, My Lady Charlotina, Duke of Queens, Bishop Castle and the Lat, and their arrest by Inspector Springer, he admitted that he had been living a double life as Lord Jagger and as Jackson. Was host to Dafnish Armatuce and Snuffles during their visit to the End of Time, although he was absent on unexplained business for most of their stay at Castle Canaria. After Jherek and Mrs Underwood finally returned to the End of Time, he admitted all his machinations, including the fact that he was Jherek's father. Between leaving 1896 and meeting up with Jherek, he also revealed that he had married the Iron Orchid in the 58th Century after searching for her through time.

Jagged spent some time discussing the works of Alfred Austin, the poet appointed Poet Laureate on the death of Tennyson, Algernon Charles Swinburne and Rudyard Kipling with Mrs Underwood.

A creation of Lord Jagged is 'War and Peace in Two Dimensions' - Disappears when viewed from the side.

When Elric visited the End of Time he was convinced that Jagged was Arioch.

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