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A major nation of the Southern Continent, lying to the north of Yu and Oin. Its capital city is Iosaz, other cities include Ramasaz, Trepesaz, Stagasaz and Alorasaz.

Lormyr is an undulating landscape of small hills and valleys. Lormyr is famed for its great rivers, the Schlan and the Zaphra-Trepek. These rivers helped make her rich and kept her strong.

The oldest of the Young Kingdoms, it was in Lormyr that the Lormyrian Confederacy was created which first threw off the shackles of the Bright Empire. Since then Lormyr has declined from the peak of her power. It has mellowed into a nation both picturesque and cultured. It is the sweetest, most tranquil of the countries of the Young Kingdoms. The nation is considered to be a seapower. This is one of the nations where Elric swore an oath of vengeance on Theleb K'aarna.

“Few travelers have ever ventured beyond Lormyr. It is said that the edge of the world lies not far from that country’s most southery borders.” (Elric of Melniboné)

“...Lormyr, the sweetest and most tranquil of the Young Kingdom nations...” (The Stealer of Souls)

“Lormyr was one of the oldest of the Young Kingdoms and much of the world’s history was made there. Even the Melnibonéans had heard the tales of Lormyr’s hero of ancient times, Aubec of Malador of the province of Klant, who was said to have carved new lands from the stuff of Chaos that had once existed at World’s Edge. But Lormyr had long since declined from her peak of power (though still a major nation of the south-west) and had mellowed into a nation that was at once picturesque and cultured. Elric and Moonglum passed pleasant farmsteads, well-nutured fields, vineyards and orchards in which the golden-leaved trees were surrounded by time-worn, moss-grown walls. A sweet land and a peaceful land in contrast to the rawer, bustling north-western nations of Jharkor, Tarkesh and Dharijor which they had left behind.” (The Vanishing Tower)

“Lormyr’s years of turbulence ended when she cast off Melniboné’s shackles and was first to proclaim herself a free nation. ....” (The Vanishing Tower)

“Lormyr was famous for her great rivers. It was her rivers that had helped make her rich and had kept her strong. After three days’ traveling, when a light snow had begun to drift from the sky, Elric and Moonglum rode out of the hills and saw before them the foaming waters of the Schlan River, tributary of the Zaphra-Trepek which flowed from beyond Iosaz down to the sea at Trepesaz. (The Vanishing Tower)

“No ships sailed the Schlan at this point, for there were rapids and huge waterfalls every few miles, but at the old town of Stagasaz, built where the Schlan joined the Zaphra-Trepek, Elric planned to send Moonglum into town and buy a small boat in which they could sail up the Zaphra-Trepek to Iosaz where Theleb K’aarna was almost certain to be.” (The Vanishing Tower)

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