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Prince of Darkness and Lord of Hell. A fallen angel.

"He was naked and His skin glowed as if with soft, quivering flames. His curling hair was silver and His eyes were molten copper. His body was huge and perfectly formed, and when his lips smiled on me I felt that I had never loved before; I loved Him. He bore an aura about His person which I had never associated with the Devil: perhaps it was a kind of dignified humility combined with a sense of almost limitless power. He spoke in a sweet, mature voice..."

Charged Ulrich von Bek with finding the Holy Grail and returning it to him, letting him cure the World's pain and allowing him to be reconciled with God and restored to heaven. His Dukes of Hell, including Arioch, rebelled against his plan, sending Klosterheim after von Bek in command of the Forces of Hell.

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