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In The Chinese Agent she describes herself as a one-quarter Chinese former exotic dancer who used to perform a striptease under the name "Dawn Flower Ming, the Geisha Gusher". Picked up by Arnold Hodgkiss in a local pub, who later took her out to dinner at Shanghai Sam's, where she was seen by Jerry Cornell and Kung Fu Tzu. Became friendly with Shirley Withers, with whom she was kidnapped by Kung Fu Tzu's men and taken to the Chinese Nylon Trade Mission. Shirley and Mavis both escaped the building before it was destroyed.

In Ancient Shadows she is a time traveller from 2067, resident in Doctor Volospion's menagerie. She 'had observations on every aspect of life; had gossip concerning every individual in the world; she made criticisms of all she met or saw'. A somewhat immature woman, Miss Ming paid court to Dafnish Armatuce, before switching her attention to Snuffles with tragic results.

Was recognised as a 'goddess' by Emmanuel Bloom and suffered under his advances, which she found very unsettling. She was referred to as Maeve - Queen of the ancient Irish, slayer of Cuchalain by Bloom. Imprisoned by Volospion 'for her own safety', she was eventually exchanged by the Doctor for what he believed was the Holy Grail.

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