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Screen name of Colonel Pyat

Mentioned in

Film serials starring Max Peters

(according to Jerusalem Commands and The Vengeance of Rome)

  • White Aces
  • The Air Knights (10 episodes)
  • Send for the Air Knights (15 episodes)
  • Ace of Aces (3 episodes)
  • Aces Up (3 episodes)
  • Aces and Kings (3 episodes)

As Tex Reardon – The Masked Buckaroo

  • The Masked Buckaroo (10 episodes)
  • The Masked Buckaroo’s Return
  • Buckaroo’s Code
  • Buckaroo Justice
  • The Masked Buckaroo at Devil’s Jump
  • Lonestar Buckaroo
  • The Fighting Buckaroo
  • Buckaroo’s Buddy
  • Buckaroo’s Secret
  • The Masked Buckaroo and the Devil’s Tramway
  • Song of the Buckaroo was unmade

Later serials were

  • Ace Among Aces (15 parts)
  • The Sky Hawks
  • Heaven’s Hell-riders
  • The War Hawks