Mayflower Series I

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The first series ('Series I') of books by Michael Moorcock published by Mayflower between 1968 and 1972.

It's characterised by printing Moorcock's name in full on the cover, usually - although not always[1] - in the Century Gothic sans serif font[2]. The Mayflower logo is also usually prominently displayed on the cover.

Artwork for the series was provided by Bob Haberfield, with the possible exception of The Black Corridor, and in many instances continued to be used throughout the seventies for subsequent cover designs.



stealer_of_souls_may-68.jpg Stormbringer_Mayflower_1968.jpg JewelSkull.jpg tmga_may69.JPG The_Sword_of_The_dawn_Mayflower_1969.jpg runestaffmf.jpg

The_Black_Corridor_Mayflower_1970.jpg btm_may70.jpg The_Eternal_Champion_mayflower_1970.jpg pio_may70.jpg The_Singing_Citadel_Mayflower_1970.jpg finalprogmayflower.jpg

ttd_mayf71.jpg knightoftheswordsmayflower.jpg Queen_of_Swords_Mayflower_1971_800wide_300dpi.jpg The_King_Of_The_Swords_Mayflower_1972.jpg

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  1. The Black Corridor and The Final Programme feature non-standard typefaces
  2. Century Gothic Bold is used on later titles in the series