Mayflower Series II

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The second series ('Series II') of books by Michael Moorcock published by Mayflower between 1972 and 1976. It remains among the most iconic series of covers for Moorcock's books.

The series is characterised by printing Moorcock's surname only, in the Futura LT Condensed Extra Bold typeface, prominently above the title.

As with Mayflower Series I, the artwork for the range was again provided by Bob Haberfield, with the exception of The End of All Songs, which reused cover art produced by Rodney Matthews for the hardcover edition.



The_Jewel_In_The_Skull_Mayflower.jpg The_Singing_Citadel_Mayflower_1974.jpg ttd_mayf75.jpg The_Final_Progrramme_Mayflower_1976.jpg beholdtheman_mayflower_1976.jpg The_Eternal_Champion_Mayflower_1974.jpg

Phoenix_In_Obsidian_Granada_1976.jpg The_Black_Corridor_Mayflower_1973.jpg The_Knight_Of_the_swords_Mayflower_1973.jpg The_Queen_Of_The_Swords_Mayflower_1975.jpg The_Runestaff_mayflower.jpg Count_Brass_Mayflower_01.jpg

tcog_mayf73.jpg thekingofswords_mayflower_1977.jpg Mad_Gods_Amulet_Mayflower_74.jpg The_Sword_Of_The_Dawn_Mayflower.jpg ssmayflower.jpg storm_may74.jpg

TWoL_Mayflower7x.jpg tbrg_mayfl74.jpg An_Alien_Heat.jpg The_Shores_Of_Death_Mayflower_1975.jpg Quest_for_Tanelorn_Mayflower_75.jpg The_Hollow_Lands.jpg The_End_Of_All_Songs.jpg

Boxset Titles

Boxset Covers

thotr_box74.jpg Blue_Circle_Boxed_Set.jpg the_chronicles_of_castle_brass_boxed_set_front.jpg Chronicles_of_Castle_Brass_boxed_set_03.jpg dancers_box.jpg

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  1. Title was originally published with incorrect subtitle, 'The Chronicles of Count Brass'
  2. Title was originally published with incorrect subtitle, 'The Chronicles of Count Brass'