Mayflower Series III

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The third series ('Series III') of books by Michael Moorcock first published by Mayflower under the Granada imprint mostly between 1979 and 1984, although many titles went through several printings beyond their original publication dates. They incorporate artwork by Bob Haberfield used in the first and second Mayflower series covers, usually cropped in order to accommodate the larger lettering used on the covers, as well as new original artwork by Mervyn and Rodney Matthews.

They are characterised by printing Michael Moorcock's name in full in large rounded letters (usually white or black) on the cover.



The_Chinese_Agent_Granada_1979.jpg tbats_gran79.jpg thl_gran79.jpg Up_CCfc.jpg EoAS_grnd80.jpg TWoL_Granada80.jpg

SingCitfc.jpg tqots_gran80.jpg tkiots_gran80.jpg The_Quest_For_Tanelorn_Grananda_1975.jpg Stealer_of_Souls_Granada_1981.jpg toatr_gran81.jpg

tknots_gran81.jpg tjits_gran81.jpg tsotd_gran81.jpg runest_gran81.jpg ttd_gran81.jpg CountB_granada81.jpg

tcog_gran81.jpg eternalc1.JPG Moorcock_s_Book_Of_Martyrs_Granada_1981.jpg Sailor_Seas_Fate_1981_Granada_Mayflower.jpg warlord_4th.JPG landl.jpg

The_Steel_Tsar_Granada_1981.jpg tmga_gran82.jpg aah_gran82.jpg The_Black_Corridor_Ganada_1982.jpg grftn_vanishing_tower83.jpg tbrg_gran84.jpg

Pio_Gran84.jpg TSatS_Granada84.jpg The_Lives_And_Times_Of_Jerry_Cornelius_Grafton_1987.jpg

Omnibus Titles

Omnibus Covers

rune_omnibus.jpg DATEOT_hc_1981.jpg Dancersfc.jpg ccb_hc85.jpg

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