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The sorcerous "Dragon Isle", inhabited by a race of moody, inward-looking humanoids that gave name to the land. The isle is located at the centre of the part of the Earth known as the "West". The island is beautiful, with forests and fields covered with the poisonous berries and herbs that gave the race its monstrous and magnificent dreams. Their ancestors came as nomads of the worlds, to settle and, some said, been welcomed by an even older race that they superseded and with whom the royal line intermarried. The Bright Empire of Melniboné was master of the world for ten thousand years, but ceased to rule some 500 years prior to the rule of Elric VIII. In ancient times, the Sorceror Emperors of Melniboné made a pact with the race of dragons, the Phoorn, using them as mounts and weapons of war. A fleet of golden, pyramid-shaped battle-barges that were virtually indestructible also protected the Dragon Isle.

See also Melibone.

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