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Michael Moorcock: Death Is No Obstacle, informally known as Death Is No Obstacle, is a collaborative book by Michael Moorcock and Colin Greenland where, in a series of seven interviews, Moorcock expounds upon his writing habits, discussing the importance of structure as well as content. Many of Moorcock's books are discussed - including his time writing comics for Fleetway - but particular attention is paid to The Jewel in the Skull, Stormbringer, The Blood Red Game, The Winds of Limbo, Behold the Man, Breakfast in the Ruins, The Brothel in Rosenstrasse, The Cornelius Quartet, Mother London, The City in the Autumn Stars, Gloriana, "Between the Wars", The Ice Schooner and The Warlord of the Air.

Despite attempts by at least two publishers to bring Death Is No Obstacle back into print, 'contractual difficulties' continue to thwart all such efforts. Consequently, second-hand copies can retail at prices in the region of three figures.

Publishing History UK

  • Hardcover, Savoy, 146pp., ISBN: 0-86130-087-4, 1992, Cover art by Jean-Leon Geromes



  • Introduction (by Angela Carter)
  • Six Days to Save the World
  • From Portobello to the End of Time
  • Black Hats and White Masks
  • What Would You Do?
  • An Unfamiliar Good Time
  • Structural Faults
  • The Chance to do Better Tomorrow


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