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Capital city of Waldenstein. Previously Mirov-Cesny in Svitavian. Stands of the River Ratt

Streets of Mirenburg

  • Rosenstrasse
  • Pushkinstrasse
  • the Lugnerhoff - where the Protestant martyrs were burned in 1497
  • Korkziehiergasse
  • Cutovskiplatz
  • Kanalstrasse and Kaspergasse, which meet

Buildings and Structures of Mirenburg

  • The Cathedral of St-Maria-and-St-Maria which has twin Gothic spires.
  • The early basilica of St Vaclar which stands between the sixteenth-century Chemnitz fortress and the eighteenth-century Capuchin monastery
  • In Konigsplatz there is the beautiful new Egyptianate concert hall designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • The railway station is by Kammerer: a Temple to Steam in the modern 'Style Liberty'.
  • The Schoen Theatre
  • The Radota Bridge which spans the Ratt. The balustrades of this bridge are supported on both sides by Romanesque pillars representing the famous line of Svitavian kings whose power was broken in 1370 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

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