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The Middle Marches. The borderlands between one aspect of the multiverse and another. Also known as the Grunewald.

Those lands existing between the known realms of Earth. Said by Sabrina to be the lands between Earth and Heaven, and Heaven and Hell. Ulrich von Bek was given a map of them by Lucifer and noticed that they seemed to be on the borders between known lands.

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Mike Says

'Middlemarch is by Geo. Eliot and I am playing with that a bit. I don't know if there are 'Middle Marches' between the worlds, but I'd guess the Middle March would have been some border or other. But as far as I recall I invented it. I tend to go back to German sources -- German romance is one of the roots of modern fantasy -- and, of course, Milton is never far away from this sort of argument, since he pretty much set the picture and the story, the way 2001 set it for sf! Blake thought Milton might be the devil's messenger, he drew Satan so attractively.'[1]