Monsieur Vermuth

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A Parisian bookseller, described as having "a rather amiable, pale reptilian face". He lived in the same building as Madame Stone. Also known as Le Ressusciter.

Wore a wide-brimmed trilby hat, a black overcoat (the pockets of which were always full of books and catalogues), a blue shirt, red and black bow tie, a burgundy waistcoat with dark green corduroy trousers.

His bookshop, near the Place de la Republique, specialised in late nineteenth-century bohemia, especially Montmartre and Montparnasse and was full of dusty Willette pierrots and Steinlein cats, faded pastel bindings and posters for forgotten cabarets though M. Vermuth's real enthusiasm was for Benjamin D'Israeli.

Rose von Bek visited there once or twice.

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