My Lady Charlotina

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A denizen of the End of Time. Lives in Below-the-Lake beneath Lake Billy The Kid. Jherek Carnelian stole Yusharisp from her for Mongrove after she had added him to her menagerie. In revenge she sent Mrs Amelia Underwood back to her own time just after she had first kissed Jherek.

Later visited the 19th century Café Royale along with the Iron Orchid, Duke of Queens and Bishop Castle. She was returned to the End of Time by the Morphail Effect. After the dissolution of everything that had been created before Lord Jagged started his time manipulations, she became My Lady Charlotina of Above-the-Ground, no longer wishing to dwell underground. Married Brannart Morphail following the fad for getting married when Jherek, Mrs Underwood, the Iron Orchid and Lord Jagged had returned to the End of Time.

'Death of Neptune' - A creation of My Lady Charlotina.

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