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The infamous "City of Beggars".

“Nadsokor, City of Beggars, was infamous throughout the Young Kingdoms. Lying near the shores of that ferocious river, the Varkalk, and not too far from the Kingdom of Org in which blossomed the frightful Forest of Troos, and exuding a stink which seemed thick enough ten miles distant, Nadsokor was plagued by few visitors.”

It lies in the eastern nation of Vilmir near the Varkalk River. Abandoned some centuries earlier by its people fleeing a virulent pox, it has since been occupied by thieves and beggars. Ruled by a beggar King and his court, the city is disgusting. It can be smelled ten miles away. This was one of the places where Elric swore an oath of vengeance on Theleb K'aarna. The city is famed as having the most skilled thieves in the world.

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