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Underground hiding place created to hide children from Pecking Pa VIII, the last of the Tyrant Producers, who was making 'The Great Massacre of the First-Born'. Somehow recycling time, the Nursery had been hidden for a thousands, if not millions, of years. The Nursery was protected by Soldiers of the Guard - Giant mechanical toy soldiers which were used by Nurse to stop Jherek Carnelian from escaping.


Robot carer of the children in the Nursery. A tall figure, grim of visage, clothed in grey steel, built to resemble a middle-aged woman in the costume of the Late Multitude Cultures. A strict but fair disciplinarian somewhat set in her ways after millennia of performing the same task. She was shaken out of her repetitive behaviour by the discovery of the Nursery. It was her experience and knowledge of maintaining a time loop that was indispensable in Lord Jagged's solution to the problem's facing those at the End of Time.


  • Mary Wilde - One of the children cared for by Nurse in the Nursery. Playing truant, she discovered Jherek when he fell down the chute into the Nursery

The other children are:

  • Freddie Fearless
  • Danny Daring
  • Mick Manly
  • Victor Venture
  • Gary Gritt
  • Peter Pluck
  • Ben Bold
  • Kit Courage
  • Dick Dreadnought
  • Gavin Gallant
  • Betty Bold - Ben Bold's sister
  • Molly Madcap
  • Nora Nosie
  • Gloria Grande
  • Flora Friendly
  • Katie Kinde
  • Harriet Haughty
  • Jenny Jolly

  • Jerry Jester - Name given to Jherek Carnelian by Nurse when he was in the Nursery

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