Philander Groot

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A dandy hermit in the Mittelmarch, originally from Alsatia. Dwells in the Valley of the Golden Cloud, whom Ulrich von Bek was told to seek out by the Wildgrave. Claimed to have been a Grey Lord until he took sides in the conflict in which Lucifer was involved. Listened to von Bek's story and told him where he might find the Holy Grail. Later saved von Bek and Sedenko from the Demon in the Sphere and the knights of Arioch by freeing the demon from his spell and allowing it to attack Klosterheim's forces. Flew them away from the city in a chariot of bronze and silver, drawn by thousands of small birds. Lost his life just outside the Forest on the Edge of Heaven detaining the Forces of Hell so von Bek and Sedenko could reach it.

Very reminiscent of Jhary-a-Conel in his dress he is described as being "festooned in lace and velvet, gold and silver buckles and embroidery", wearing a hat with "a huge brim weighted down with white and silver feathers" and stinking of Hungary Water. He is also fastidious and careful about his appearance. Just prior to arriving in his chariot to save von Bek and Sedenko an enormous black and white cat appeared in the skies over Bakinax.

"..the dandy who sauntered into our camp, looking around him a little fastidiously but with the good humour of self-mockery. He was all festooned lace and velvet, gold and silver buckles and embroidery. He walked with the aid of a monstrous decorated pole and he stank of Hungary Water. His hat had a huge brim weighted down with white and silver feathers and his little beard and moustache were trimmed to the perfection demanded of the most foppish French courtier. His sword, of delicate workmanship, seemed of no use to him at all as he stared at me with a quizzical eye and then made one of those elaborate bows which I have never been able to imitate." from The War Hound and the World's Pain - Chapter 10

It is said that he spent his boyhood as the apprentice to a Speculator, who spend their time watching for signs of the Coming of the Anti-Christ and Armageddon.

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