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Dragon bloodkin of the Melnibonéans.

In Red Pearls 'they had made alliances when they first discovered this world, coming as exiles to found a civilisation which would be based on notions of justice until then unknown to most gods or mortals. They had, by some vast supernatural alchemy, interbred, though their offspring usually took one form or the other, not both. It was not always possible to predict what would emerge from a Phoorn egg or, indeed, a human womb. Yet, Lady Fernrath had told him of the shape-changers, those few who could be what they willed themselves to be and who had, for centuries, continued their race.'

The Melnibonéans speak a form of High Melnibonéan to communicate with the Phoorn. (Black Petals, Chapter 6)

Phoorn society includes patriarchs. (A Portrait in Ivory)

In The War Hound and the World's Pain a creature four times the size of a horse, with glowing red and yellow scales. Ulrich von Bek fought one with an injured front leg in the Aviary of Count Otto. If he had not been given an elixir by Lucifer the wounds inflicted by it may have killed him.

List of the Phoorn

  • Flamefang - Bonded with Elric VIII and his earlier avatars. Senior Phoorn by Elric VIII’s reign.
  • Sweetclaw - Mate of Flamefang. Probably bonded with Dyvim Tvar
  • Firegold - Dragon steed of Dyvim Slorm during attack versus Chaos army. ("Stormbringer" ~ James Cawthorn adaptation )
  • Lady Scarsnout - Dragon used by Elric during the quest for his father’s soul.
  • Snaptail - Dragon used to scout out Falkryn horde. (Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer, Book 2)
  • Blacksnout - Dragon flown by Elric in The Dreamthief's Daughter
  • Whitesnout - Dragon flown by Ulric von Bek
  • Lady Fernrath - Sister of Elric's mother. A were-dragon with the ability to shapeshift into the form of a Phoorn. (Red Pearls)
  • Addric Heed - Brother of Lady Fernrath. {'Red Pearls')
  • Lord Hemric - Father of Lady Fernrath and Addric Heed. Encountered in his Phoorn form by Elric in 'Red Pearls'.
  • Lord Deepgorge - From the Chaosium ‘Melniboné’ supplement
  • Lady Swiftail - From the Chaosium ‘Melniboné’ supplement
  • Lord Toegrip - From the Chaosium ‘Melniboné’ supplement
  • Lady Rosescale - From the Chaosium ‘Melniboné’ supplement
  • Lord Flashmaw - From the Chaosium ‘Melniboné’ supplement
  • Lady Seerwing - From the Chaosium ‘Melniboné’ supplement
  • Lady Seerwing - From ‘A Dragon's Dream (Stormbringer Scenario Seed) by Lawrence Whitaker - Ye Booke of Tentacles Vol. V’ published by The Chaos Society

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