Places List for Lord of the Spiders

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A list of Places, Artefacts and Creatures found in the novel, Lord of the Spiders.

  • Belgravia - Where Bradbury lived and where Kane's second matter transmitter was constructed
  • Varnal - Capital of the nation of Karnala
  • Vashu - Native's name for the planet Mars
  • Negalu - Native's name for the planet Earth
  • Stonehenge - Where the Kane's matter transmitter had to be sited to ensure accuracy when he left for Mars a second time
  • Urnoo - Phobos
  • Garhoo - Deimos
  • Karnala - Nation in which Varnal lies
  • rhadari - Large carnivore encountered by Kane on his second visit to Mars
  • Mendishar - Nation to the North of Mountains of Argzoon
  • Mendisharling - Capital of Mendishar
  • dahara - Large ape-like riding and carriage beast use by natives
  • Abde-Trahi - Village in Mendishar
  • N'aal Beast - Very large snake-like beast, which inhabited the Caves of Darkness before the Argzoon moved there (mentioned)
  • Sala-Ras - Village in Mendishar
  • Black Desert - Desolate area to west of Mendishar
  • Underground City - Discovered by Michael Kane in the Black Desert, full of Yaksha artefacts and a degenerate race of survivors
  • Roaring Death - A powerful destructive wind which swept Kane and his party to the Western Continent
  • Western Continent - A jungle covered land, inhabited by mutated survivors of the war between the Sheev and the Yaksha
  • Caves of Darkness n - Dwelling place of the Blue Giants. A vast underground cavern, may have once been inhabited by the Sheev
  • Mountains of Argzoon - Home of the Blue Giants
  • Life Giver - The Sun, physical manifestation of the Great Light One
  • He Who Watches - The Sun, physical manifestation of the Great Light One
  • Mishim Tep - Nation to the south of Karnala, long-time allies. The Bradhi was convinced by Horghul to go to war with Varnal
  • Mih-Sa-Voh - Capital of Mishim Tep
  • The Jewelled City - Another name for Mih-Sa-Voh
  • Crimson Plain - Large plain to north of Varnal, although in this story it is between Mishim Tep and Varnal
  • Calling Hills - Area around Varnal
  • House of the Blue Dagger - Tavern in Mih-Sa-Voh where Jelusa were lodged
  • House of the Hanged Argzoon - Tavern in Mih-Sa-Voh
  • Mirror of Truth - Sheev artifact kept in the palace of Mishim tep, used by Kane to trap Horghul
  • Narlet - Town of thieves and other ne'er-do-wells on the edge of the Crimson Plain