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Eternal adversary of Champions, forever doomed to fight for Chaos.

According to The Dreamthief's Daughter, where his full name is given as Prince Gaynor Paul St Odhran Badehoff-Krasny von Minct, he is the cousin of Ulrich von Bek. It is suggested that this incarnation is, perhaps, the first Gaynor. At least, at the start of the novel, he has yet to become 'Gaynor the Damned'.

Was once an alchemist in Prague.


In The Queen of the Swords is Xiombarg's messenger on Corum Jhaelen Irsei's plane.

According to The White Wolf's Son was once the greatest Knight of the Balance, now a Prince of Chaos.

Other novels seem to be unsure on whether he previously served the Cosmic Balance or Law, and here it is seen why: he serves both, once even suggesting that Law supports the Balance.

So why was he Damned? His crime appears to be playing the gods of Law and Chaos against each other. When they finally catch him, they rip him apart into a thousand forms, thus presumably creating the cursed Gaynor that is seen in other novels.

Also known as

  • Gaynor the Damned
  • Prince Gaynor
  • Paul von Minct
  • Prince Paul Gaynor von Minct

His original name suggests another alternate form: Paul Minct of the Second Ether series.

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