Field Marshal Prinz Michael G Lobkowitz

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Prinz Lobkowitz is a recurring character in the Jerry Cornelius stories. A Knight of the Balance, a member of The League of Temporal Adventurers and an Eternal.

A number of novels by Michael Moorcock open with quotations attributed to Prinz Lobkowitz, such as The Warlord of the Air[1] and Blood.

A 'Prinz Lobkowitz of Berlin' is mentioned in The Champion of Garathorm as having been killed in a duel by Katinka van Bak but, given that the world of Dorian Hawkmoon is a different one from those of Jerry Cornelius, this is possibly a different character/incarnation, especially as Prinz Lobkowitz also dies in The English Assassin and The War Amongst the Angels.

According to The War Amongst the Angels was the second husband of The Rose and was one of Mozart's most understanding patrons.

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  1. Perhaps his most famous: "The War is ceaseless. The most we can hope for are occasional moments of tranquillity in the midst of the conflict."