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* [[Modem Times]]
* [[Modem Times]]
* [[A Twist in the Lines]]
* [[A Twist in the Lines]]
* [[Walking the Hog]]
==Mentioned in==
==Mentioned in==

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In The Warlord of the Air one of the residents of Dawn City. Oswald Bastable heard him playing a violin as General O T Shaw showed him around the city.

In The Land Leviathan, an academic and member of the diplomatic mission to the New Ashanti Empire. A small, tubby man.

In The Steel Tsar, a very tall, very thin Sinhalese doctor running the mission hospital on Rowe Island.

In The Distant Suns, a tall, elegant man. A Field Marshall in the United Nations Space Command, in charge of the Gandhi Space Launch Site.

in The Spencer Inheritance he is Colonel Hira of the United Patriotic Squadrons of The Blessed Diana (Armoured Vehicles Division). He wears the official uniform of chocolate fatigues and yellow turban.

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