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A lonely, desert city of monumental beauty along the Southern edge of the Sighing Desert on the Eastern Continent. Graced with towers and minarets, curving ziggurats and gigantic palaces.

Boulevard of Ancient Accomplishments is one of the streets.

“Once Quarzhasaat had ruled a land of rivers and lovely valleys, its forest verdant, its plains abundant with crops,but that had been before the casting of certain incautious spells in a war with threatening Melniboné more than two thousand years earlier. Quarzhasaat’s empire had been lost to both sides. It had been engulfed by a vast mass of sand whichswept over it like a tide, leaving only the capital and her traditions which in time became the prime reason for her continuing existence.”

Two millennia prior to Elric's reign, the city, capital of a then great and verdant empire-nation, engaged Melniboné in a great war. The casting of certain incautious spells engulfed the Empire in a tide of sand, out of which only the city of Quarzhasaat survived.

At the time of Elric, the city was ruled by a Council of Seven. Districts include Unicht Shlur.

The "thieves" in the city speak Opish, a secret gutter cant that is a language older than Melniboné.

In our universe is the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate[1].

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