Rebel at the End of Time

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An End of Time novella by Steve Aylett. Published together with Sumptuous Dress: A Question Of Size At The End Of Time.

Publishing History

  • Hardcover, PS Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-848631-55-7, June 2011, Cover by Mo Ali
  • Signed Jacketed Hardcover, PS Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-848631-56-4, June 2011, Cover by Mo Ali (Limited Edition of 100)
  • Paperback, Scar Garden Press, 180pp., ISBN: 978-0-9565677-4-1, November 2012, Cover by Mo Ali


Steve Says

'I've written an "End of Time" novel called REBEL AT THE END OF TIME, which will be published early 2009. It'll include an intro by Mike M.'[1]

According to the novella was written in late 1997.