Renark von Bek

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An Incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Described as a jugador and as a mukhamir.

A very tall, very gaunt man, with deep-set, black eyes in a brooding face. One time Warden of The Rim Worlds, which office he held because of his ability as a Guide Senser, able to sense the position of every atom in the galaxy. He is also the only man who could sense the approach of the Shifter System. Accompanied Asquiol, Paul Talfryn and Willow Kovacs to the Shifter, hoping to find a means of escaping the destruction of his home universe. Asquiol went with him to Roth, after which they met the Originators and became truly multiversal beings. As fully multiversal beings they existed upon, and were aware of, all planes of the Multiverse. Returned to the home galaxy and, with Asquiol, convinced the human race it had to leave its home universe, which was contracting and would continue to do so until nothing was left. Stayed behind when it shrank to nothing, as a sacrifice the Originators had said was neccesary.

On the cover of the Compact edition he is referred to as Jon Renark, while in the text he is called Renark Jon by the Shaarn. This name is used in the Mayflower issues and is kept in the Roc revised edition. This was changed to Renark von Bek in the White Wolf omnibus.

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