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A partial timeline of authorized roleplaying games based on the Multiverse and the Eternal Champion:

  • 1981 (Chaosium) - Stormbringer (first edition) - a very early implementation of the BRP/D100 RPG system, first seen in the first edition of Chaosium's RuneQuest game. A boxed set.
  • 1985 (Chaosium) - Stormbringer (second edition). ISBN-10: 0933635001
  • 1986 (Chaosium) - Hawkmoon - compatible with Stormbringer, but also works as a stand-alone game. ISBN-10: 0933635311
  • 1987 (Games Workshop) - Stormbringer (third edition) - Published jointly with Chaosium. The GW edition includes the Stormbringer Companion sold separately by Chaosium. ISBN-13 of the Hardcover edition: 978-0933635432
  • 1990 (Chaosium) - Stormbringer (fourth edition) - ISBN-13: 978-0933635661
  • 1993 (Chaosium) - Elric! - ISBN-13: 978-0933635982
  • 2001 (Chaosium) - Stormbringer (fifth edition) - ISBN-13: 978-1568821528
  • 2001 (Chaosium) - Dragon Lords of Melniboné (a D20 system setting) - ISBN-13: 978-1568821504
  • 2001 (Chaosium) - Corum (a supplement for Stormbringer fifth edition) - ISBN-10: 0957842708
  • 2007 (Mongoose Publishing) - Elric of Melniboné (first edition) - a stand-alone game, but works under the rules of first edition Mongoose RuneQuest RPG. ISBN-13: 978-1905850136
  • 2010 (Mongoose Publishing) - Elric of Melniboné (second edition) - a supplement for the second edition of the Mongoose RuneQuest RPG, now known as "Legend". ISBN-13: 978-1907218705
  • 2012 (Département des Sombres) - Mournblade. ISBN-13: 9791090160040

The RuneQuest RPG was created and first published by Chaosium, who later licensed the name and intellectual property to various companies, before regaining them circa 2015. Mongoose's two editions of RuneQuest are numbered "I" and "II", but are actually the fourth and fifth overall.

As of very early 2017, all of the Chaosium, Games Workshop, and Mongoose Eternal Champion themed RPGs use variations of what has become known in the RPG community as the "Basic Roleplaying System", often referred to as "BRP" for short and sometimes somewhat inaccuretely named "D100", indicating its reliance on percentile dice mechanics. Sometimes very significant differences in the mechanics exist, but they are all part of the legacy of the first RuneQuest system.

The only exception of "Dragon Lords of Melniboné", which was one of a very many attempts at publishing D20 system content in the early 2000s. General consensus seems to be that the Dragon Lords book was hastily done and poorly revised.