Shakey Mo Collier

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A character of the Cornelius Chronicles, created by M. John Harrison. In some stories styled as Shaky Mo Collier, Mo is short for Moses. According to Mrs Cornelius Mo's father Alf married Renie, one of her two sisters.

In A Dead Singer a veteran rock band roadie with an addictive and dependent personality who first saw the (possibly) resurrected Jimi standing on an Imperial Airways flying boat taxiing toward a landing at Derwentwater. Thereafter, Mo keeps Jimi — the object of his hero worship — in isolation, traveling across the English and Scottish countryside in a black Mercedes camper. Jimi solely communicates with Mo and instructs the driver to keep secret his whereabouts. Emotionally dependent upon Jimi’s music, he was unable to accept the singer’s death. The story begins as Mo’s addiction to speed is relapsing; as the story progresses, his drug consumption and paranoid psychosis increase until he returns to Ladbroke Grove to meet up with a drug dealer named Dave and score a large quantity of uppers, the consumption of which contributes to his death by overdose in a basement crash pad in Oxford Gardens.

Described in The English Assassin as 'the demolition expert'.

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