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A collection of early stories and some non-fiction pieces.

Publishing History (UK)

  • B Format Paperback, Savoy, 159pp., ISBN: 0-7045-0241-0, Sept 1977, Cover by James Cawthorn



  • [Publisher's] Introduction
  • The Stone Thing, A Tale of Strange Parts
  • The Dying Castles, A vignette
  • Sojan the Swordsman
    • Sojan the Swordsman - Tarzan Adventures, Aug 31 1957[1]
    • Mission to Asno - Tarzan Adventures, Sep 21 1957
  • Sojan, Swordsman of Zylor
    • Revolt in Hatnor - Tarzan Adventures, Nov 23 1957
    • The Hordes Attack - Tarzan Adventures, Dec 21 1957
  • Sojan and the Sea of Demons
    • The Purple Galley - Tarzan Adventures, Feb 22 1958
    • The Sea Wolves! - Tarzan Adventures, Mar 1 1958
    • Sojan at Sea - Tarzan Adventures, Mar 8 1958
    • The Sea of Demons - Tarzan Adventures, Mar 15 1958
    • Prisoners in Stone - Tarzan Adventures, Mar 22 1958
  • Sojan and the Plain of Mystery - Tarzan Adventures, May 31 1958[2]
  • Sojan and the Sons of the Snake-God - Tarzan Adventures, Jun 21 1958[3]
  • Sojan and the Devil Hunters of Norj - Tarzan Adventures, Jul 12 1958[4]
  • Klan the Spoiler - Tarzan Adventures, Apr 19 1958 [as by J. R. Taylor]
  • Dek of Noothar - as by John Wisdom
    • Dek of Noothar - Tarzan Adventures, Oct 5 1957
    • The Siege of Noothar - Tarzan Adventures, Jun 28 1958
  • Rens Karto of Bersnol - Tarzan Adventures, Sep 6 1958
  • Aspects of the Author - No.1 The Apocalypse
    • The Secret Life of Melniboné - Camber #14, 1964
    • "For ten thousand years the sorcerer-kings of Melniboné ruled the earth" - art by James Cawthorn
    • Elric - Niekas #8, 1963
  • Aspects of the Author - No.2 The Aesthetic
    • New Worlds—Jerry Cornelius - Letter to reader, 1972
    • In Lighter Vein, A Note on the Jerry Cornelius Tetralogy - Note to bibliography, 1976

Other appearances

  • The Sojan stories - 'Sojan the Swordsman', 'Mission to Asno', 'Revolt in Hatnor', 'The Hordes Attack', 'The Purple Galley', 'The Sea Wolves!', 'Sojan at Sea', 'The Sea of Demons', 'Prisoners in Stone', 'Sojan and the Plain of Mystery', 'Sojan and the Sons of the Snake-God', 'Sojan and the Devil Hunters of Norj' - were later collected into a single novella, Sojan the Swordsman in Elric at the End of Time, New English Library, 1984.
  • The same stories were later revised and expanded in Sojan the Swordsman, Paizo Publishing, 2010.


  1. Also as 'Daughter of a Warrior King', Elric at the End of Time, 1984
  2. Also as 'The Plain of Mystery', Elric at the End of Time, 1984
  3. Also as 'The Sons of the Snake-God', Elric at the End of Time, 1984
  4. Originally as 'Sojan and the Hunters of Norj'; also as 'The Devil Hunters of Norj', Elric at the End of Time, 1984


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