Sojan the Swordsman (book)

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An expanded version of the Sojan stories previously collected in Sojan and Elric at the End of Time. The 2010 edition published with Joe R Lansdale's Under the Warrior Star. The 2013 edition published as part of The Michael Moorcock Collection from Gollancz/SF Gateway.

Publishing History

  • Trade Paperback, Paizo Publishing, LLC., 260pp., ISBN-13: 978-1-601252-88-3, November 24, 2010
  • Ebook, SF Gateway, ISBN-13: 978-0-575-07890-1, 11 April 2013

sojan_piazo10.jpeg isbn9780575078901-detail.jpg

Contents (Sojan the Swordsman)

  • Author's Note (New to this edition)
  • Introduction (New to this edition)
  • Chapter One: Sojan the Swordsman (Expanded in this edition)
  • Chapter Two: The War King (Expanded in this edition)
  • Chapter Three: The Air Pirates (Expanded in this edition)
  • Chapter Four: A Grim Welcome
  • Chapter Five: Sentenced to Die
  • Chapter Six: The Prison Tower (Expanded in this edition)
  • Chapter Seven: The Sky Chase (Expanded in this edition)
  • Chapter Eight: Mission to Asno
  • Chapter Nine: Revolt in Hatnor
  • Chapter Ten: The Hordes Attack
  • Chapter Eleven: A Warrior's Justice
  • Chapter Twelve: The Purple Galley
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Sea Wolves
  • Chapter Fourteen: Sojan at Sea!
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Sea of Demons
  • Chapter Sixteen: Prisoners of Stone
  • Chapter Seventeen: The Unlucky Ones
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Plain of Mystery
  • Chapter Nineteen: Ship of the Ancients
  • Chapter Twenty: Sons of the Snake God
  • Chapter Twenty-One: The Castle of Kandoon
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: The Devil Hunters of Norj
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: Hounds of the Cerjii (Expanded in this edition)
  • [Afterword by Michael Moorcock] (New to this edition)

Previous appearances

  • Chapters 1-7 as 'Sojan the Swordsman' (Savoy, 1977); as 'Daughter of a Warrior King' (New English Library, 1984)
  • Chapters 9-11 as 'Sojan, Swordsman of Zylor!' (Savoy)
  • Chapters 12-17 as 'Sojan and the Sea of Demons' (Savoy)
  • Chapters 18-19 as 'Sojan and the Plain of Mystery' (Savoy)
  • Chapters 20-21 as 'Sojan and the Sons of the Snake God' (Savoy)
  • Chapters 20-21 as 'Sojan and the Devil Hunters of Norj' (Savoy)

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