Sorcerers' Isle

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An island lying west of Melniboné in the Dragon Sea.

“...Beyond Melniboné.”

Formerly known, 8,000 years in the past as Dragon’s Egg Island. It was inhabited by refugees of R'lin K'ren A'a after that city was abandoned. The island was the residence of Cran Liret, the notable "Thief of Spells". Being rather good at his trade, he became embroiled in a spell-war with several of his rivals. He was dispatched, but not before causing destruction to the greater part of the isle and permeating it all with a great deal of residual magic. It lay all but abandoned for some time, until a tribe from the Silent Land, called the Kretti, migrated to the island. A shaman of the tribe named Grrodd Ybene Eenr discovered how to reactivate the magic spells and devices. He and his entire tribe were obliterated in a spell duel with Elric. The only remaining inhabitants were a group of hermit practitioners of the White Arts.

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