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A short story by Michael Moorcock.

Publishing History


Given the (albeit fictionalized) autobiographical nature of 'Stories', many of the characters in 'Stories' have parallels with real-life counterparts associated with Moorcock and New Worlds magazine:

  • Mike (the narrator) = Michael Moorcock
  • Rex Fisch = Tom Disch
  • Jack Hawthorn = James Cawthorn
  • Harry Hayley = Barrington Bayley
  • Jake Slade = John Sladek
  • Billy Allard = J.G. Ballard
  • Len Haynes = Ted Carnell
  • Helena Denham = Hilary Bailey
  • Sara = Sophie Moorcock
  • Cass = Kate Moorcock
  • Peggy Zorin = Pamela Zoline
  • Jilly/Jill Cornish = Judith Clute
  • Jimmy Cornish = John Clute
  • Jane Allard = Mary Ballard
  • Spike Allison = Lee Harwood
  • Chick Archer = Charles Naylor
  • Jenny = Jill Riches
  • Charlie Ratz = Charles Platt
  • Julie Mistral = Judith Merril
  • Lucinda = Linda Steele
  • Mysterious magazine (formerly 'Hank Janson's Mystery Magazine') = New Worlds magazine

Mike Says

'It's a version of my short novel STALKING BALZAC -- or rather an episode extracted to some degree from that story. We were first published by the Golds who published Hank Janson, so it was a shortish step to making New Worlds Hank Janson's Mystery Magazine. Then to provide the distance I needed I tried to use a slightly noirish voice which is also explained in the story. A difficult story but no story should be difficult for the reader. The first review I saw made me feel I hadn't made it interesting or readable enough.'[1]