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List of characters appearing in 'Curaré':

Hopefully if there's any chance of Curaré bring reprinted ever, someone will be able to give the story a thorough copy-proofing to root out the variant spellings of various names. So far I've spotted:

  * Marie LeVeaux - also called variously 'Leveux', 'Levaux' and 'LeVaux' in the text; by the end of the novella Mike seems to have settled on 'LeVeaux'
  * Sir George Ogg - Jarvis the undertaker calls him 'Gordon' but both Yvette and Lady Ogg refer to him as 'George'
  * Turpin - AP's manservant but Yvette called him 'Mr Turner' (maybe Yvette's just rubbish with names?)
  * Baines - Seaton Begg refers to a 'Beale' after being rescued, which given the context makes me think he means Hoxton Ryman's butler.
Demos99 (talk) 20:40, 2 August 2013 (PDT)