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Eternal city of peace existing on many planes. A happy city full of families, artists, craftsmen and writers.

Descriptions of Tanelorn.

In the world of Elric, the city lies somewhere on the fringe of the Sighing Desert. Various characters hint that Tanelorn is accessible from any dimension, to anyone who seeks it, but the search is usually difficult and long. Elric is unusual in finding the city easily, and in choosing to leave it.

The place Clen/Urlik/Erekose is seeking, where he hopes to be reunited with Ermizhad.

It is revealed at the end of the novel The Quest for Tanelorn, that the city was founded by The Captain of the Dark Ship, and his brother, The Steersman. In To Rescue Tanelorn... the Guardians state that the city was one of the last cities built by them. It is said in the Introduction to Michael Moorcock's Multiverse that Tanelorn is built on the site of Marrakesh.

Within the city are statues of all Eternal Champions, past, present and future, including Erekosë together with statues of all the women he ever loved and all his companions.

Tanelorn changes its appearance from one realm to the next. Kwll, one of the Lost Gods, is imprisoned in Tanelorn. The city is not allied with either Chaos or Law, and is ruled by the Grey Lords.

As T'aan'-al'Oorn it is the chief city of the Beni Zhenob' Taureq and is said to be the oldest city in the world.

Also referred to in The Dreamthief's Daughter as Ton al Oorn.

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