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Magazine published by Westworld Publications; the teenage Michael Moorcock contributed to and edited the magazine between 1957-9.

Moorcock's first professional (i.e. non-fanzine) fiction, including the Sojan the Swordsman stories, first appeared in the pages of Tarzan Adventures.

Long-time friend and Moorcock collaborator James Cawthorn also provided artwork and comic strips to Tarzan Adventures during Moorcock's tenure as editor.

Cover Gallery

Volume 7

tarzan_7_17.jpg ta718.jpg ta719.jpg ta720.jpg ta721.jpg tav722.jpg ta723.jpg ukv7n25.jpg tav7n26.jpg ta_7-28.jpg tav7n29.jpg ta7-30.JPG ta7-31.jpg ta7-32.jpg tarzan_7_33.jpg tav7n34.jpg v7-35.jpg v7-36.jpg v7-37-.jpg v7-38-.jpg ta7n39.jpg tav7n40.jpg tav7n41.jpg TAvol7no42p1.jpg TAvol7no43p1.jpg tav7n44.jpg TAvol7no45p1.jpg TAvol7no46p1.jpg tav7n47.jpg tav7n48.jpg tav7n49.jpg tav7n50.jpg tav7n51.jpg tav7n52.jpg

Volume 8

tav8n01.jpg tav8n02.jpg TAvol8no3p1.jpg tav8n04.jpg tav8n05.jpg tav8n06.jpg tav8n07.jpg tav8n8.jpg tav8n09.jpg tav8n10.jpg tav8n11.jpg tav8n12.jpg tav8n13.jpg tav8n15.jpg tav8n16.jpg tav8n17.jpg tav8n18.jpg tarzan_8_19.jpg tav8n23.jpg tav8n43.jpg tav8n49.jpg

Volume 9

v9_n3_cover.jpg tav9n5.jpg uv9n10.JPG

Moorcock as Contributor

The earliest known contribution Moorcock made to Tarzan Adventures was an article entitled Meeting Edgar Rice Burroughs that appeared in v7 #17 and he continued to contribute similar articles for the next few issues before becoming editor with v7 #25. His final known contribution was a story entitled 'Professor Merit's Monster' in v9 #10.

Moorcock as Editor

Moorcock took over as editor of Tarzan Adventures with issue v7 #25 and contributed weekly Editorials (with masthead artwork by James Cawthorn) through to v8 #17, his final issue as editor. He also contributed a number of editorial articles, entitled 'For Your Information', under the in-house pseudonym 'Bob Lumley'.

Select Stories by Moorcock

(See Features and Stories by Michael Moorcock in Tarzan Adventures for full details of MM credits)

  • 'Sojan the Swordsman', v7 #22
  • 'The Cure', v7 #23
  • 'Mission to Asno', v7 #25
  • 'The Sword of Life', v7 #27 & 28 [as by 'John Wisdom']
  • 'Revolt in Hatnor', v7 #34
  • 'The Hordes Attack', v7 #38
  • 'Checkmate', v7 #39
  • 'Mathews and Mars', v7 #42
  • 'The Purple Galley', v7 #47
  • 'The Sea Wolves', v7 #48
  • 'Sojan at Sea', v7 #49
  • 'The Sea of Demons', v7 #50
  • 'Prisoners in Stone', v7 #51
  • 'Buturo and Magic', v7 #52 [as by 'K. L. Bishop']
  • 'Curse of Co-In-Jar',v8 #2 [as by 'K. L. Bishop']
  • 'Klan the Spoiler',v8 #3 [as by 'J. R. Taylor']
  • 'Sojan and the Plain of Mystery', v8 #9
  • 'Perilous Passenger', v8 #11 [with M.J. Whitmarsh][1]
  • 'Sojan and the Sons of the Snake God', v8 #12
  • 'The Siege of Noothar', v8 #13 [as by 'John Wisdom']
  • 'Sojan and the Devil Hunters of Norj', v8 #15 & #16
  • 'Rens Karto of Bersnol', v8 #23 [with Dick Ellingsworth]
  • 'Professor Merit's Monster', v9 #10
  • 'Witch Doctor's Revenge', v9 #17 [as by 'K.L. Bishop']


Moorcock contributed a number of stories and articles under pseudonyms, presumably to mask the fact that the editor was contributing so much to the magazine. Known pseudonyms that Moorcock used include:

  • 'Bob Lumley'[2]
  • 'K.L. Bishop'
  • 'John Wisdom'[3]
  • 'P.G. Hall'
  • 'J. R. Taylor'

Spanish Reprints

A number of the Tarzan comic strips Moorcock ran in Tarzan Adventures were sourced from Spanish reprints rather than American origins so Moorcock had to re-write the text himself for an English audience.

  • Original Text:tarzan_hfoster.gif
  • Moorcock Text:tarzan_mm.gif

Mike Says

  • "I didn't start editing Tarzan until I was 17, though I was contributing at 16."[4]
  • "I was reluctant to take the job as editor but my friends at Harold Whiteheads (where I was a 'trainee consultant') encouraged me. Virtually everyone of the people there (all management consultants -- something of a dirty word, these days, but not then, when they worked conscientiously to SAVE jobs) saw me as talented, more than I did myself!"[5]
  • "I wasn't changing the text for any reason other than the stats we were able to get at the time were all in Spanish and I was making a rough translation since I wanted to use Foster and Hogarth and the UK stats had all been destroyed during WW2!"[6]
  • "I didn’t speak a single word of Spanish and would have been hard put in those days to tell you what ‘Hola!’ meant. So all I had to work with were the strips themselves and make a guess at what the Spanish meant. I also had to work very quickly, since we were on a weekly schedule. For the fun of it, I also decided to use the names of friends in the science fiction community, which is how you can easily tell which strips are by me and which by the original writer – my story lines, of course, are also subtly different, but they also carry characters like the evil Benford twins (Greg and Jim Benford were then teenagers living with their military dad in Germany), Ken Bulmer, Lars Helander, Ron Bennett and various other well-known UK SF writers and fanzine fans of the day."[7]


  1. Solely credited to Whitmarsh.
  2. An 'in-house' pseudonym and not used exclusively by Moorcock; after he left the magazine others are known to have used the alias as well.
  3. John Wisdom was an actual real-life friend of Moorcock's whose name he appropriated for the Dek of Noothar stories he published.
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