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An Eternal.

In The War Amongst the Angels the Rose is the daughter of Sir Arthur Moorcock of Tower House, Dent and Lady Eleanor Moorcock, christened as Margaret Rose Moorcock. Married first to Count Rudolph von Bek then to Prince Lobkowitz; she also claims to have married Edwin Begg, the Clapham Antichrist. At the novel's end she is married to 'Horace' (possibly Captain Horace Quelch, with whom she had earlier had an affair). Her other lovers variously included Sam Oakenhurst and Jack Karaquazian.

Wields the sword Swift Thorn and the knife Little Thorn.

As the Barbary Rose she is a pirate captain based on the island of Las Cascadas.

Edwin Begg claimed he and the Rose had a child together; "a new human creature, neither male nor female but self-reproducing, a new messiah...It grew to lead the world upon a new stage in our evolution".[1]

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  2. In the White Wolf omnibus version, listed in Chapter 11; remembered by Erekosë as he floated in Limbo.