The Black Blade of the Barbary Coast

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A Tom Strong/Sir Seaton Begg/Zodiac graphic story written by Michael Moorcock and illustrated by Jerry Ordway; first published serially in Tom Strong #31-32 by America's Best Comics in 2005.

Publishing History

  • Tom Strong #31, April 2005, America's Best Comics, Cover by Jerry Ordway
  • Tom Strong #32, June 2005, America's Best Comics, Cover by Jerry Ordway

tomstrong31.jpg tomstrong32_001.jpg

Collected In

  • Tom Strong Book Six, Hardcover, 2006, America's Best Comics, ISBN: 1-4012-1108-9, Cover by Chris Sprouse
  • Tom Strong Book Six, Softcover, 2006, America's Best Comics, ISBN: 1-4012-1109-7, Cover by Chris Sprouse

ts_bk6_hc.jpg ts_bk6_sc.jpg


  • Script: Michael Moorcock
  • Pencils: Jerry Ordway
  • Inks: Jerry Ordway
  • Colors: Michelle Madsen
  • Letters: Todd Klein


Issue 31, Part One: The White Wolf's Secret The adventure starts in Millennium City where Tom Strong & Co. are working on one of his latest projects. They are convinced by Sir Seaton Begg to embark on a multiverse saving mission where they traverse the Moonbeam Roads into another plane of existence. With a crew of ruffians and an uneasy truce with Captain Zodiac, we're treated to numerous multiversal references and enjoy Tom Strong and his friends on a swashbuckling voyage to Mangani Island.

Issue 32, Part Two: The Colour of Evil Once the crew and passengers make it to the strange island, the hunt for treasure and The Black Blade ensues. It seems The Rose and Tom Strong are doomed as they are accosted by great gorillas and the menacing albino, Captain Zodiac. Pneuman, Sullivan King and the denizens of Mangani Island clash in another iteration of the struggle for the multiverse and existence itself!


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