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===Omnibus Publication (US)===
===Omnibus Publication (US)===
* [[Von Bek (omnibus)|Von Bek]], White Wolf, 1995, (hc/tp)
* [[Von Bek (omnibus)|Von Bek]], White Wolf, 1995, (hc), 1996, (tp)
[[Category:Books|City in the Autumn Stars, The]]
[[Category:Books|City in the Autumn Stars, The]]
[[Category:Novels|City in the Autumn Stars, The]]
[[Category:Novels|City in the Autumn Stars, The]]

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The City in the Autumn Stars is the second volume in the Von Bek sequence by Michael Moorcock. It was originally published in the United Kingdom by Grafton.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Grafton, 344pp., ISBN: 0-246-12843-7, 16 Jul 1986, Cover by Geoff Taylor
  • Paperback, Grafton, 416pp., ISBN: 0-586-06891-0, 23 April 1987, Cover by Geoff Taylor

citas_hc_86.jpg The_City_In_The_Autumn_Stars_Grafton_1987.jpg

Omnibus Publication (UK)

  • Von Bek, Millennium, 1992, (hc/tp), 1995 (pb)

Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, Ace, 344pp., ISBN: 0-441-10629-3, Nov 1987, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Paperback, Ace, ISBN: 0-441-10630-7, Mar 1989, Cover by Robert Gould

City_US_HC.JPG cityautumnace.jpg

Omnibus Publication (US)

  • Von Bek, White Wolf, 1995, (hc), 1996, (tp)