The Dancers at the End of Time

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The omnibus of the End of Time trilogy featuring Jherek Carnelian and Mrs Amelia Underwood.

It was Volume 7 in the The Tale of the Eternal Champion omnibus series by Orion Books/Millennium in the United Kingdom and Volume 10 in the The Eternal Champion omnibus series by White Wolf in the United States. It is also Volume 53 in Gollancz's 'SF Masterworks' series.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Granada, 672pp., ISBN: 0-246-11606-4 , 21 May 1981, Cover by Rodney Matthews
  • Mass Market Paperback, Grafton, 672pp., ISBN: 0-583-13639-7, 10 Mar 1983, Cover by Rodney Matthews
  • Hardcover, Millennium, 512pp., ISBN: 1-85798-036-0, 8 April 1993, Cover by Mark Reeve
  • Trade Paperback, Millennium, 512pp., 8 April 1993, Cover by Mark Reeve
  • Mass Market Paperback, Orion, 672pp., ISBN: 0-75280-617-3, 7 Oct 1996, Cover by Mark Reeve
  • B Format Paperback, Gollancz, 672pp., ISBN: ISBN: 0-575-07476-0, 8 May 2003, Cover by Steve Stone
  • Paperback, Gollancz, 640pp., ISBN: 978-0575108554, 27 Jun 2013, Cover art by Mark Reeve

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Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, White Wolf, 530pp., ISBN: 1-56504-186-0, May 1998, Cover by Tom Canty
  • Trade Paperback, White Wolf, 530pp., ISBN: 1-56504-994-2, Nov 2000, Cover by Tom Canty

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Mike Says

"I wasn't courting Mrs Underwood -- you could say I was divorcing Mrs Underwood -- at the time. I was happily settled and enjoying my second marriage! I just think the characters came to life and after that their story took over -- to the point where I had to rewrite the last volume (first book I had ever done a second draft of!) to put the science fiction in. Their story dominated it for me and perhaps that's why it works. The sf, though a strong element of course, just isn't there for fun -- there's a symbolism in the imagery which reflects the gradual changes in the story -- so everything has to work together."[2]

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  1. Only in Millennium, Orion, White Wolf and Gollancz (2003) editions


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