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The first novel in the History of John Daker, The Eternal Champion, expanded from the novella.

Probably the biggest addition to the novella in its expansion to a novel was the introduction of the dreams that torment Erekosë and provide the impetus for him to lose himself in battle. Count Roldero becomes a major character, having only been a minor character previously. Iolinda's attitude to Erekosë seems to change earlier in the story, although the result is the same. The revised version features textual changes, but would appear to be more along the lines of expanding descriptions, changing sentence structure, altering punctuation, and using different synonyms, etc.

There are a number of the Incarnations of the Champion Eternal listed in the novel.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Mass Market Paperback, Mayflower, 160pp., ISBN: 0-583-11745-7, 25 Jun 1970, Cover by Bob Haberfield
  • Mass Market Paperback, Mayflower, 160pp., ISBN: 0-583-11745-7, 1973, Cover by Bob Haberfield
  • Mass Market Paperback, Granada, 160pp., ISBN: 0-583-11745-7, 1981, Cover by Bob Haberfield
  • Mass Market Paperback, Grafton, 208pp., ISBN: 0-586-20813-5, 29 Mar 1990, Cover by Mark Salwowski

tec_mayf70.jpg tec_mayf74.jpg tec_gran81.jpg tec_graf90.jpg

Omnibus Publication (UK)

  • The Eternal Champion, Millennium, 1992 (hc/tp)
  • The Eternal Champion, Millennium, 1995 (pb)
  • The Eternal Champion, Gollancz, 2014 (pb)

Publishing History (US)

  • Mass Market Paperback, Dell, ISBN: 0-425-09562-2, 1970, Cover by Frank Frazetta
  • Hardcover, Harper & Row, 185pp., ISBN: 0-06-013014-8, 1978
  • Mass Market Paperback, Dell, ISBN: 0-440-12383-6, 1979, Cover by Boris Vallejo
  • Mass Market Paperback, Berkley, ISBN: 0-425-09562-2, Feb 1987, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Paperback, Titan Books, ISBN: 978-1783291618, Nov 2014

tec_dell70.jpg tec_har78.jpg tec_dell79.jpg tec_berk87.jpg tec_titan14-01.jpg

Omnibus Publication (US)


* * The following section may contain spoilers * *

The Eternal Champion is narrated by John Daker, an inhabitant of 20th century Earth. At the beginning of the novel, his sleep is disturbed by dreams of other worlds and a repeated name: Erekosë. After many nights he understands that he is Erekosë and he finds the strength to answer the call. He arrives in a world that is strange to John Daker but somehow familiar to Erekosë (the narrator struggles to reconcile these two viewpoints throughout the book). He is welcomed by the aging King Rigenos of Necranal and his daughter Iolinda, and receives Erekosë's legendary sword Kanajana. The sword emits a deadly radiance that quickly kills anyone who receives even a minor wound from it. (Readers familiar with Elric will immediately recognize Kanajana as an avatar of Stormbringer by virtue of its dark colour and magical lethality.)

Rigenos explains to Erekosë that all of humanity is united in a desperate fight against the inhuman Eldren, who have claimed the southern continent Mernadin and are said to be seeking to expand their empire.

Privately John Daker harbours doubts, but decides that his allegiance must be to his own kind even if the Eldren are not as demonic as Rigenos claims. During this time and throughout the book, the narrator continues to have dreams in which he takes on the identity of many heroes engaged in constant, unending struggle. After secretly betrothing himself to Iolinda, he leads an expedition against the Eldren seaport Paphanaal. The human fleet destroys an Eldren fleet in a naval battle, then takes Paphanaal easily as the only remaining inhabitants are women and children. Erekosë is sickened by the actions of his human allies during the battle and the sack of the city. The only surviving Eldren is Ermizhad, sister of Prince Arjavh the Eldren commander; she is put in Erekosë's keeping during the return to Necranal.

After the fleet returns, Erekosë and Iolinda announce their betrothal. Soon a large Eldren force lands near Necranal; it is Arjavh come to rescue his sister. Among the troops is a large contingent of halflings, relatives of Eldren from the Ghost Worlds who have the power to teleport themselves. The Eldren defeat the humans in battle and Erekosë is captured. He tells Arjavh, "Trade me for Ermizhad."

During his captivity, Arjavh tells him about the history of his world, which was originally inhabited only by Eldren. After the arrival of humans, fearsome weapons during a war between the races nearly destroyed the planet. The Eldren hid away their weapons and vowed never to use such weapons again - not even to save themselves from total extinction, which would become a very real possibility in the later course of the book. The humans simply forgot how to build such weapons.

Erekosë is released with the understanding that Ermizhad will be released in turn, but when he reaches Necranal he finds that she is still a prisoner. She tells him not to worry, then summons the halflings to help her escape. Jealous, Iolinda accuses him (rightly) of sympathizing with the Eldren. Erekosë makes a rash vow in a desperate attempt to prove his love for her:

"I swear I shall kill all the Eldren."
"Every single Eldren life."
"You will spare none?"
"None! None! I want it to be over. And the only way I can finish it is to kill them all. Then it will be over--only then!"
"Including Prince Arjavh and his sister?"
"Including them!"
"You swear this? You swear it?"
"I swear it. And when the last Eldren dies, when the whole world is ours, then I will bring it to you and we shall be married."

In the course of a year-long campaign to destroy the Eldren, Rigenos is killed, Iolanda becomes queen, and the human army is exhausted. The last Eldren stronghold is Loos Ptokai. Before the siege begins, Arjavh invites Erekosë into the city to rest and see Ermizhad one last time. Erekosë regrets the need to kill these civilized people but feels bound by his vow. He had managed to suppress his dreams during the campaign, but when he falls asleep in Loos Ptokai, they return. This time, however, he dreams that not only the Champion, but all of humanity is trapped in eternal struggle. When he awakes, he decides to make one last attempt at peace. He returns with his army to Necranal, but Iolinda realizes that he has fallen in love with Ermizhad and commands that he be taken prisoner. He escapes and returns to Loos Ptokai.

Too soon, the humans mount a new attack against the Eldren city. The Eldren are determined to fight bravely but hopelessly with medieval weapons, even though they have the ancient fearsome weapons available. However, when it is clear that the battle will soon be lost, Erekosë convinces Arjavh to allow him to unearth the ancient machines of destruction if it would preserve the Eldren.

After destroying the human army, he proceeds to kill every human being on the planet. Then he returns to Loos Ptokai, marries Ermizhad, and knows peace, at least for a time. There is a very abrupt transition from Erekosë saving the Eldren at the very last moment - where he has the reader's complete symapthy - and his proceeding to destroy the human cites and villages and kill all their inhabitants, even when there is clearly no further threat to the Eldren, even hunting down and killing a few survivors hiding in caves.


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