The Fluxus Paradigm

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An anthology of Jerry Cornelius stories with a foreword by Michael Moorcock

Publication History

  • Paperback, 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm, perfect binding, 269pp, Hidden Door, 2009



  • Introduction by Michael Moorcock
  • Prologue by Craig High
  • The Bells of Hell go Ding-a-ling-a-ling by Daniel Love Peacock
  • Never Mind The Bollocks Here's Jerry Cornelius: Part One by Craig High
  • The Devils Huntress by Jay Charles Novello
  • Steppenwolverine by Maxxi Padlock
  • Anything But Secret by Lucas Pilgham
  • Invasion 1980 by Daniel Love Peacock
  • Never Mind The Bollocks Part 2 by Craig High
  • The Delhi by Dave Skull
  • Never Mind The Bollocks Part 3 by Craig High
  • Three Meetings with The Professor by Lucas Pilgham
  • Alone In The Dark by Kiran High
  • The Birth Of The Hashishin by Craig High
  • Jerry Cornelius and the Cult of Him Bak Ha by Lucas Pilgham
  • And Now For The Weather by Craig High
  • Waiting For The New Age by Lucas Pilgham
  • Blitzkrieg Bop by Daniel Love Peacock
  • If Nightingales Could Sing Like Franz by Jay Charles Novello
  • Calvin Corso by Craig High
  • No Compass For Up Or Down by Jay Charles Novello
  • The Child Out Of Time by Daniel Love Peacock
  • Time For A Change by Lucas Pilgham
  • Clock Dancing Assassin by Jay Charles Novello
  • Jerry Does Psylocibin and Salvia by Craig High
  • Space Intruder Detector by Daniel Love Peacock
  • The Ballad of Jerry and Rosie Lee by Craig High
  • Gunfight In Cardigan High Street by Craig High
  • Lines Within The Circle by Jean Bonnin
  • Before I Do Anything Else by Jean Bonnin
  • The L.U.V Bug by Craig High and Steve Baker
  • The Punish Tragedy: Not a Jerry Cornelius Adventure by Daniel Love Peacock
  • Epilogue by Craig High


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